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        I feel so fortunate to have found you! As you know, when I first contacted you I had lost my precious Mandy after 18 years. I wasn’t sure if I was “ready” for a puppy - but I had to start investigating the possibilities. Learning from past experience that the best way to find a quality, family raised Yorkie was to contact only breeders.
        I called our veterinarian’s office and asked if there was a Yorkie breeder (currently with puppies) that they would recommend I was given your name and phone number. I called you and explained my situation and you were so sweet, understanding and willing to “share". Plus, when I asked where you lived and you replied “Wears Valley” was very excited! I just had a very good feeling about you and you’re Yorkies. You invited me over to see the puppies. I was looking for a female and you ha I finally got up the courage to go over to meet you and see your puppies. I think that she would be my girl if I just saw her and held her in my lap.
      Sure enough after visiting you and your wonderful Yorkies, I KNEW that this special relationship and that you truly love your “babies” and give them the best of everything. We feel very fortunate to be getting “Lexi” and very fortunate that you are such a special lady!
      I know that our relationship will not end when we take Lexi home!!

Thanks so much!
Marti Moe

Hi Rose,
   I wanted to thank you for all you have done to help us purchase a Yorkie puppy.
   You opened your home to us any time we called and invited us to participate in everything that is involved with breeding your dames and sires.  We were there from the very beginning. First seeing “Mom” and “Dad” just thinking about making puppies to the actual birth.
   I think you have the perfect set up for your business.  You have done an excellent job of organizing the “play” areas to the “resting” areas for all of your dogs.  They are always within easy range of where ever you are. You never have to worry about what they are doing.
   You are a wealth of information, knowing that we had never raised Yorkies and wanted to know everything we could about them.  Any time we had questions you were always available to answer our call.  I don’t think there is anything you don’t know about Yorkies.
   You are a pleasure to visit, “come on over” you should see what the puppies are doing now. I would highly recommend Brummel’s Country Charm to my friends, if they were thinking about purchasing a Yorkie puppy.
   Again Rose, thank you so very much.  We will stay in close contact.

Connie Thompson

Hi Rose,
     Bella is enjoying her new home. She is a little finicky about eating, but hopefully this will improve after she gets adjusted better. She loves Lauren and the cat even gets along with her. Actually he just pretty much ignores her.  We picked her up a few new things at Pet Smart and Wal-Mart. I am sending you a picture of her in her new favorite outfit.  She is so cute.  It says "Born with Style". We love her so much!!!  Thank you for a great Christmas gift.
Hey Rose,
     I have been so busy with George/AKA -Sailor, I haven't had time to check mail.  He is very smart, adorable and growing already. He is eating well, and playing a lot with small toys, sleeps with a little snore, sooo cute!! We are grateful to you for raising such quality and adorable pets.  We will be making a trip to the vet tomorrow morning to get him started with my vet here and to insure your instructions of health warranty. I will have my Macy forward you some GREAT pics that she has taken of him. He has some new clothes and toys and is adjusting oh so fine. Thanks again!!! Have a safe and blessed trip out of town!

     I just wanted to thank you for selling (or whatever the arrangements were) the puppy to Tony Williams for our son Jay. We have named her Truffles and she is WONDERFUL! Just a we bit spoiled at this point. She slept in bed with Jay last night and did not have an accident. She has attached herself to him and comes whenever he calls her.
     I have to get the pictures off our phones and send you a couple. Tony trimmed her up and she looks so cute. She already has a sweater and a coat, and her own toys.
     Thank you again for making this a wonderful Christmas for us all.


Hi Rose,
     Sorry I have taken so long to write. Dan renamed Cruzer, he is now called Colorado. Big name for a little dog. :) It's a char actor in one of Dan's favorite John Wayne movies. Dan was also born in Colorado so he loves the name. It seems to fit the little fellow. He has a personality as big as the state and as lovely!
Colorado has brought such joy to our lives. We love him so much. Dan smiles every time he looks at him. He is such a smart dog and catches on so quickly. You are such a good loving person and breeder. It shows in your dogs.
I was very impressed with you and your family when I met you. You immediately brought all your adult dogs out to play so I could meet them and they were all so sweet, happy and obviously well-cared for and loved. They were also beautiful, playful with great personalities, and very well socialized. It made it even harder to make a decision on which puppy to adopt. I wanted them all. :) (thank goodness Dan made the decision).
Colorado is growing. He weighed 3.2oz at his last vet visit on Monday. He has won everyone's hearts at the clinic. They usually keep him all day on the days he has his shots. They say it is to observe him and make sure he doesn't have any reactions but I think secretly it is so they can play with him all day because when I pick him up they tell me how the vet carried him around all day and how they all played with him. lol!
I would have written sooner but Dan and I have taken turns being sick since Thanksgiving. Dan just got out of the hospital.
Colorado did have a little bout if kennel cough. He had coughed a few times before I took him to the vet for his first visit and then it seemed to get worse so the vet gave him antibiotics for it on 12/18/10.
I check your website out often to see if you have any new additions. 
I hope everything is well with you and your family.
Affectionately, Pam Radford

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